Template Classes

The classes listed below require special equipment and / or templates to complete the class project. The special equipment that is required is listed in the Information pages and on the Supply List pages.

Click on any highlighted class title to go the the Information Page for that class.


Medallion Mania Quilt

Learn to quilt feathered wreaths THREE different ways including using Feather Guide templates

Countless Cables Quilt

This quilt uses the Cable Template and the Cable Wreath Templates

9 Patch Hearts Quilt

This quilt uses the Heart Feather Guide Template Set

When making a quilt, there are many elements that need to come together to create it. One of the most important elements of doing ANYTHING is taking the time to do things well.

Like a quilt, this part of the NEW Longarm Classroom website is a Work in Progress.  I am working on getting the classes online, but the pages are complex and they take time to create.

As a quilter, think of this page and the website as one of the most difficult patterns you have ever pieced or that you want to make. I like to think of it as a combination of the Double Wedding Ring, the Feathered Star and a Mariner's Compass - all in the same quilt!

As soon as the classes listed below are ready they will be added to the website and the links will become active.

Thanks in advance for your patience while I am building the NEW Longarm Classroom website!

NOTE - The classes below are temporarily un-available. When all the Parts of the classes are online, the links will be activated.

Shoji Screen / Sashiko Sampler
Fractured Whole Cloth #1 - Rings Around the Wreath
Quilting in Circles
Baptist Fan Quilting
Feathered Wreath Quilt Template Version
Summer Flowers Quilt
Over & Under Quilt - Double Cable Version



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