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Medallion Mania Quilt Yardage Amounts

Because of the many different sizes of class projects for this class, the Fabric Requirements are listed in a pdf file.

This class is all about the quilting! Please choose solid color fabrics or fabrics that "read" like a solid. Avoid busy prints and heavily printed fabrics. We WANT the quilting to show!

To view the Medallion Mania Quilt
Fabric Requirements and
Supply List
(pdf file) Click Here

Other things you will need to complete the class project


You will need basic sewing supplies and basic sewing/quilting skills to piece the quilt top.


Thread - Use whatever thread works in your quilting machine.

For this project I recommend having THREE different colors of thread -

  •  a VERY contrasting color of thread for the main part of the quilting
  • a medium contrasting color of thread for the secondary quilting designs and
  • a thread color that matches the background fabric for the fill in quilting. The fill in quilting will be almost “invisible” and will add texture when quilted.

For my class sample quilt I have white background fabric and dark purple fabric for the 2 Patches. I will be using Signature, 100% cotton machine quilting thread in the following colors - Purple Jewel (dark purple) for the main quilting design, Lavender for the secondary quilting designs and White for the fill in designs.

Other items you may want to have on hand to make your quilting easier

  • 6 x 24 inch quilting ruler to make straight registration lines, or any other straight edge ruler that fits the workspace of your machine
  • safety pins - we will be doing some pin basting on this quilt.
  • temporary basting spray.
  • ANY time you use templates you MUST have a base unit on your machine! DO NOT try to quilt with templates without a base unit!!

Piecing Template Plastic

If you are going to be making your own quilting templates, you will need piecing template plastic. This piecing plastic should be found in any quilting or fabric store. You will also need a permanent marker to mark on this plastic and scissors to cut out the shapes. The specific shapes you will need to make will be sent to you before the class begins.

There are several brands and styles of the piecing template plastic. The photo at the left is only one version. ANY brand of piecing template plastic will work. I would recommend getting a larger piece, usually 12 x 18 inches, if possible. If not, 8-1/2 x 11 inch size will work. You will have to tape a couple pieces of this plastic together to make the specific shapes.


Markers: We are going to make registration lines - a LOT of registration lines - to mark the placement and boundaries of our quilting designs.

You will need a marker that you are comfortable using on a quilt top. I recommend the Mark B Gone, water soluble (blue) marker on light fabrics and a Chalk O Liner with Miracle Chalk powder in it for dark fabric. I also like using Crayola Fine Line Washable Markers.

Please note that the Crayola markers wash out with detergent and warm water. The Crayola Fine Line Washable markers can be found at nearly every office supply store and many other stores including most grocery stores. A package of 8 markers is usually less than $5.

I use the Crayola markers only on my own quilts, NEVER, EVER on a customer quilt!

If you would like to practice your quilting before stitching, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get a piece of clear Plexiglas that will fit in the workspace of your quilting machine. (Plexiglas of this size should be about $10 or less.)

Before using the Plexiglas, take either masking or duct tape (which now comes in many different colors) and place it over the cut edges of your piece of the Plexiglas. The tape serves two purposes. 1) It protects the edges of the Plexiglas. Sometimes the edges can be a little sharp and could scratch you or tear the quilt. 2) The tape will also make a boundary or edge around the Plexiglas. This will prevent you from drawing off the edge of the Plexiglas.

For a FREE video on how the Plexiglas works Click Here

You will then use markers - I recommend the Vis-a-Vis markers, available at all "big box" office supply stores, for marking on the Plexiglas. (Note: the Vis-a-Vis markers usually have 5 in a package and cost less than $10.) The marker is removed using a damp paper towel. See below left.

For marking on Plexiglas on top of dark fabric, I have found that the Expo Bright Markers work very well. See below right.

Both of these markers can be purchased in major office supply stores such as Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, etc. They can also be purchased online.

Click on any photo for a larger view and slide show

REMEMBER this is a LEARNING project! This project does not need to be perfect. World peace does not depend on perfect piecing or quilting!!

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Products Used in the Medallion Mania Quilt Class

You have THREE options on how to make the feathered wreath designs that we will be quilting in this class project. You can use Feather Guide templates, make your own templates or use Feather Wreath stencils. Each of these methods are described below.

Feather Guide Templates by Longarm University

The Feather Guide templates by Longarm University is a two template set and it comes with complete, step by step photo illustrated instructions on how to quilt MANY different feather wreath designs. For this class we will be using the 12 inch diameter Feather Guide and the 6 inch diameter Feather Guide.

You will need a workspace of at least 13 inches to use the Feather Guide templates.

Using the Feather Guide templates to make your feathered wreaths will give you a crisp, traditional look to your feathered wreaths.

For more information about the Longarm U Feather Guides  Click Here

For a FREE video on how the Feather Guide templates make wonderful feathered wreaths Click Here

Remember - ANY time you use templates you MUST have a base unit on your machine! DO NOT try to quilt with templates without a base unit!!

Medallion Mania Special Offer - Feather Guides

The 12 inch diameter AND the 6 inch diameter Longarm U Feather Guides only $65! This is a savings of $10 off the regular prices.

Medallion Mania Feather Guide Special Offer  $65  

Make Your Own Feather Guide Templates

In this class I will show you how to create and use your own feather guides using plastic piecing template material (see above) I will send you detailed instructions, including specific shapes to make the required "templates" to make the feathered wreaths. These instructions will be sent a couple of weeks before the class begins.

Note: you will NOT be quilting around these templates. You will be drawing registration lines and "boundaries" on your fabric with these templates. All the quilting is done free hand / free motion.

These feathered wreaths are quilted free hand and will be a little "looser" and slightly more whimsical than the traditional feathered wreath design.

You will need a workspace of at least 13 inches to quilt the feathered wreaths using your own piecing plastic templates.

Feather Wreath Stencils from Longarm University

If you don't know how to make feathers or you are quilting with a home sewing machine, you can use the Feather Wreath Stencils from Longarm University.

For this class you will need the 12 inch diameter Feathered Wreath stencil AND the 6 inch diameter Feathered Wreath stencils.

For more information about the Longarm U Feathered Wreath Stencils Click Here

Note: If you have a quilting machine with a workspace of 8 inches, you can use these stencils. I will show you how you can adapt your quilting sequencing to a smaller workspace.

Medallion Mania Special Offer - Stencils

The 12 inch diameter and the 6 inch diameter Longarm U Feathered Wreath Stencils only $14! This is a savings of $2 off the regular prices.

Medallion Mania Feathered Wreath Special Offer  $14  

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* Note: Shipping is calculated from Kent, WA to Connecticut. If you live closer to Kent, WA, your shipping will be less and will be adjusted to the lowest price possible.

International Orders: Shipping to orders outside of the US will be SIGNIFICANTLY higher and charged accordingly. For International Orders over $100 (USD) Longarm U / Longarm Classroom will pay HALF of the shipping fees.

If you would like to know what the shipping would be before ordering any item, send an email with the item you want to order and your address, including your zip code or postal code to I will send you an estimate of the shipping fees.

If you have any questions about shipping fees please contact me at the email above

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