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Heart Feathered Wreath Table Runner

Template and Stencil Version

This class is open to ALL machine quilters!

In this class you will get the piecing instructions for a very, very simple table runner with LOTS of "open" spaces for quilting wonderful feathered hearts.

You also have your choice of quilting a Feathered Heart Wreath using templates OR you can quilt a similar design with a stencil. Can't decide which one to use? In this class you can learn how to do BOTH techniques!

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Feathered Heart Table Runner
Template Version

Feathered Heart Table Runner
Stencil Version

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No matter which way you create this table runner, it will be a wonderful addition to your decorating scheme. Use your imagination and use this table runner in other ways. 

In this FREE class you will learn -

  • How to use templates to make the feathered heart wreath
  • How to mark a quilt for stencil quilting
  • How to efficiently quilt the feathered heart design, no matter which way you quilt it
  • Simple, but effective, background fill in stitching designs
  • An alternative for Stitch in the Ditch
  • A simple free hand heart design used in the border
  • Stitching sequences for using a quilting machine with a 9 inch workspace (stencil version)

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Feathered Heart Table Runner DVD

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Feathered Heart Table Runner   $14.95 

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