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Registration for the 2018 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt Event is now OPEN!
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What is a Mystery Quilting Event and How Does it Work?

At Longarm Classroom we do things a little differently!

Most Mystery Quilts are just about the piecing. The instructions will tell you how much fabric to purchase then, over the course of either hours, days or weeks, the fabric is cut and pieced. You don't know what the quilt looks like until it is completely pieced together.

Since we are quilters - actually stitching the layers of fabrics together to make the completed quilt - our Mystery Quilts START with the pieced quilt top and it is the QUILTING that is the Mystery!

Yes, there is a cost to attend a Mystery Quilting Event and the cost is usually discounted for early registration.

Since 2009, Longarm Classroom has had a Mystery Quilting Event on New Year's Day. If you are a quilter, what better way is there to welcome in a New Year!

Below are photos from previous New Year's Day Mystery Quilting Events. Click on any photo for a larger view and slideshow.

Feather Plume

Not Quite Traditional

Fancy Motifs

Stars on the Mountains

A Winter's Night

Snowflake Star

Four Patch Frenzy
Version 1

Four Patch Frenzy
Version 2





When you sign up for a Longarm Classroom Mystery Quilt Event, you receive the piecing instructions for the class project.

You piece the class project - there are usually several sizes to choose from - and have the quilt top on your quilting machine, ready for quilting, on the designated day.

On the day of the event, usually around 8 am Pacific Time - sometimes a little bit earlier - the first "Part" of the quilting will be posted on the Longarm Classroom website.

As a class participant you will receive an email when each class Part is activated. Also included is a link to the class and any other information you need to access the class.

Thorough out the day, at designated intervals, usually 1-1/2 to 2 hours apart, new Parts of the class will be added to the website. By the end of the day, ALL the class Parts will be activated and you can view the whole class!

When you sign up for the Mystery Quilting Event you get 60 days of 24/7 access to the online class.

If you can't view the class on the designated day, you can still view the class at any time during your 60 day Registration.

In addition to the online class, at NO additional fee, a DVD of the Mystery Quilting Event class and any printed material will be sent to you. You can then view the class at any time at your home!

For each Event a YahooGroups email group is created. This year I am going to create a FaceBook Group for these Events. There will be BOTH the YahooGroups and FaceBook Groups available to class participants. YOU will get to choose how to communicate with other class participants.

In both of these Groups, you can post photos of your class project in various stages of completion! This is a FUN way to see what and how other in the class are doing.

Registration for the 2018 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt Event is now OPEN!
For class details Click Here

I hope to "see" you in class very soon!

If you have more questions about the Mystery Quilt Events please contact me, Cindy Roth, at



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