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For the past few years, I have had the pleasure of being a contributor to the Fresh Ideas column in On Track! magazine.

Here is how the Fresh Ideas column works - a quilt (pieced) pattern is sent to the column contributors - usually three quilters - and we are to come up with a quilting design, in our own quilting style, that we would put on this quilt if it were our own or a customer quilt.

For the Spring 2010 issue, the quilt that was sent was a variation of the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt. (See illustration at the left.)

It did take me a little while to come up with a pleasing quilting design. With the permission of On Track! magazine, I have pieced the quilt top and created a FREE video class of how I quilted it.

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As a professional longarm quilter for 15 years, I have developed my own style of quilting. One of my "trademarks" is to have as FEW starts and stops as possible. In this Burgoyne Surrounded variation quilt, I figured out how to quilt the background of the block - the spaces with the X on the illustration at the right - with only 2 starts and stops! Actually, if I didn't have to move the camera during recording, I could quilt the background area of the block with only ONE start and stop!

If you would like to see the details of how I stitched this quilt pattern, please sign up below to attend the FREE class I have created.

Here are photos of the quilting I did on this quilt.

Click on any photo for a larger view and a slide show


Feather and Spike quilting on front of the quilt.

Detail of the block center on the quilt back


More quilting detail from the back


A piecing pattern for this quilt top is available for purchase. 
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Burgoyne Surrounded Piecing Pattern Only

Burgoyne Surrounded Variation piecing pattern ONLY!
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