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Longarm Classroom

has online, on demand video classes for machine quilters of ALL skill levels - from the beginning machine quilter to the advanced and experienced machine quilter!

All Machines

During the classes, quilting sequencing for different throat sizes, from 6 inches to 30 inches, of the quilting machines are demonstrated and discussed.

24/7 Access

When you purchase a Longarm Classroom Class, you will have 24/7 access to your class for 60 days. You will also receive, at NO Additional Cost, a DVD and any printed material from the class. 

Some of the Class Projects

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The Longarm Classroom Website Re-Building Begins!

Longarm Classroom began in 2008 when Cindy Roth, founder of Longarm University, saw the need for video education for machine quilters.

What began as tutorial videos on the Longarm University website grew into full-fledged, detailed, step by step video classes that cover a wide range of quilting techniques - along with some really fun class projects.

If you are beginning your longarm machine quilting journey, there are "The Basics" classes for you. If you are a more experienced to advanced quilter, there are also classes for you, too.

Do you want to learn how to easily quilt pantographs or do more complex techniques from the back of the machine? There are classes for that!

Do you want to work with templates and quilt beautiful Japanese style Sashiko patterns. Yep, there's a class for that too!

Do you love feathers? There are a LOT of feather classes, including free hand feathers and feathers from templates!

As you have noticed, the Longarm Classroom website is being TOTALLY re-built. The re-building is being done in stages and you are seeing the first stage. Most of the re-building is being done on the individual class pages and at this time only a few classes are open for registration.

In the next few weeks, MORE of the classes will be re-posted to the website and ready for you to attend. Along the way, NEW classes will also be added!

Check back often to see the progress that is being made.

Please Note: ALL the pages on the new site have NEW NAMES! If you have bookmarked any pages from the old website, they WILL NOT work. You must add the new page names to your bookmarks!

New Year's Day Mystery Quilt Event!

The 2016 New Year's Day Mystery Quilting Event is almost here!

Join the fun as you quilt all day on January 1, 2016!

What better way to bring in the New Year than quilting a beautiful quilt!

For details on this class Click Here

FREE Classes!

There are 3 FREE Classes that are available for you to attend!

These classes cover a wide range of techniques and are a FUN way of learning new techniques - and learning how Longarm Classroom works!

FREE Classes have 30 day, 24/7 access and DVD's of the class are available for purchase at a reduced fee.


If you have any comments or suggestions for this website, please contact Cindy Roth at

Longarm University

After looking around Longarm Classroom please visit our "sister website" Longarm University. There you can learn about the basics of longarm quilting.

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